21 July 2010

Number One for 21 July 2010

Windows rolled down with the heat on high:
  • Dear Pinot Noir: It's not me, it's you. [The Gray Market Report]
  • Bill Murray thought Garfield was a Coen brothers movie [Vulture]
  • Yes: Let's end the American aristocracy. But I'm tired of these weak, Cass Sunstein "nudge"-style policy proposals. How about our progressives propose some real, sanguinary, Bolshevist proposals? [Ta-Nehisi]
  • Suck it, Aaron Friedberg: America didn't become a garrison state because we're too corporate [Who is IOZ, via ZW]
  • Drastic oversimplification: Do Confucians believe in sex? [IPE @ UNC]
  • Jim Vreeland gets an uncredited guest blog [The Guest Blog]
Carrie Underwood,"Get out of this town". No, these links aren't designed to prove I have good taste ...
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