18 July 2010

Number One for 18 July 2010

Modern minds can come up with three questions:
  • Don't fill much-needed holes in the literature, says Erik Voeten. [The Monkey Cage] (See also James Stimson)
  • What is a "computer"? Paging Dr. Wittgenstein. [Charlie Stross]
  • Losing $9.2bn is the result of a non-material deficiency. I'd hate to see a material one. [FT Alphaville]
  • Incidentally, FT is right that EDGAR is teh suxx0r. In fact, most federal databases are awful. Please: make documents available as txt and pdf, make all searches Boolean, tag all documents consistently, present tabular data as csv, and mathematics as TeX. Never again should I have to read a document like this one or use a database as terrible as this one.
  • McChrystal, F*** YEAH. [Atlantic]
  • Robin Hanson is beginning to understand the alienation of labor. [Overcoming Bias, via ZW]
Mr. Show presents "The Limits of Science":
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