19 July 2010

Number One for 19 July 2010

I think that we make a pretty good team:

  • How Cornficker defeated the smartest guys in the world. [Atlantic]
  • My guess is Stochastic Democracy will eat 538's shorts. [Stochastic Democracy]
  • Today is upgrade day. I hope Stata releases aren't like the Star Trek films, where only the even-numbered ones are good. [Stata]
  • It's also the first day of classes: [1], [2], [3] [ICPSR]
  • Calibrating your gaydar. (Can you draw a ROC curve for that?) [Gelman Blog]
  • Straight talk from Tom Friedman [New York Times]
  • David Blackwell, game theory and Bayesian pioneer, died. More information here. [New York Times, Mathematicians of the African Diaspora]
  • Taiwanese news portrays Steve Jobs as Darth Vader. NB: "Apple" is "pingguo" in Mandarin; "problem" is "wenti". Count how many times you hear those words! [Via Daring Fireball]
Obi Best, "Nothing Can Come Between Us"
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