20 May 2011

Number One for 20 May 2011

She ain't gonna be able to love you like I will:

  • How big is a yottabyte? And forget the size of the datacenter -- what kind of power requirements would it draw? [ReadWriteWeb]
  • Why I Am Not a Hayekian. It was not a redistributionist government that made these people serfs.
  • When will average consumption levels per capita fall? And what does it mean for Caplan to hold that we're in the best of all possible worlds? [Bryan Caplan]
  • Honestly, this does look like a good show. [Kickstarter]
  • And the Penny Arcade TV Show is great show. Mysteriously addictive. [Penny Arcade]
  • Physical scientists aren't the only ones to succumb to the technocratic fallacy and other functionalist seductions [The Quantitative Peace]
  • Flattering for social science: "Duncan points out that social science is difficult and that physicists and other authority figures often don't recognize the discoveries made by social scientists." More, from Andrew Gelman. [Gelman Blog]
"Rumor has it", Adele

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