16 May 2011

Number One for 16 May 2011

I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer:
  • In the Monkey Cage era, it's more important than ever that journalists (and social scientists) read what journals publish with a grain of salt [Chris Blattman]
  • Dan Nexon's thoughts on IR as speculative fiction deserve a still wider audience [Kittenboo]
  • All new graduates going out into the workforce should remind themselves: Don't be a hero! Stakhanov is not a role model. [Alex Payne]
  • Switch "ATI" with "R" and you have the R forums exactly right [Penny Arcade]
  • One big reason I read Dumbing of Age is because it is still a treat to see IU as a setting. One gets sick of seeing Harvard, Yale, Columbia Empire State, and UCLA reused over, and over, and over. [Dumbing of Age]
Academic work is tamed for the moment, so I'm taking a few hours to work as a hack writer:

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