30 November 2010

Number One for November 30, 2010

I love her and she loves everyone:

  • Richard Lugar, liberal maverick -- NYT
  • Grand strategy is a crock -- Drezner
  • Grand strategy is a crock -- Krasner
  • Humans are getting fatter. But so are animals that live near humans -- Stross
  • Markets say there will be a Portugal default. Didn't markets also once say that U.S. housing values could never decline? -- Salmon
  • Good teacher, bad teacher: It doesn't matter. The kids will forget what teachers say. "Why make the poor kids suffer if they won't retain what they learn anyway?" -- Caplan
  • Why measures of central tendency give a distorted view of legal earnings -- Empirical Legal Studies
  • The tragic death of this blog -- Technologizer
  • Alan Moore's never-written DC saga: "one of the things that prevents superhero stories from ever attaining the status of true modern myths or legends is that they are open ended." Four-Color Heroes

Reel Big Fish, "Scott's a Dork"

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